Which credit card for Spain travel.

Which credit card for Spain travel.

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. Since 2002, the USD has also made it easier to travel with cash here. However , a credit card should not be missing when traveling to Spain. It is a practical and safe means of payment for your vacation. Further reading at tech-valley.net

If you want to rent a rental car, hotels for a tour or a boat on site, this usually doesn’t work without a credit card. You are well served if you belong to the approximately 30 million customers in Germany who have a Mastercard or a Visa card. These two providers are valid at over 650,000 acceptance points all over Spain. There have hardly been any regional differences in acceptance for some years now. American Express customers, of which there are around 2 million in Germany, are not quite as well supplied with their card on the Iberian Peninsula.

There is no official information about the number of acceptance points. However, it should be around 300,000. For this reason alone, Visa or Mastercard credit cards are a good choice when traveling to Spain. In contrast, the acceptance of American Express is still the exception in Spain and especially in remote regions.

Pay attention to fees

Pay attention to fees

Whether fees apply when using a credit card depends on how you use it. There are differences between paying in shops, cafes or at petrol stations and withdrawing money from one of the many ATMs. Shopping with a credit card does not cost anything extra in Spain. The basis for this is law in the European Union. It says that cashless payments must be free of charge within the USD countries. You can therefore use your German credit card to pay bills in hotels or at a rental car company at will.

Withdrawing money, in Spain, as in all USD countries, costs between 2 and 4% of sales, but at least 5 to 7.50 USD. However, there are also credit cards with which you can withdraw money from ATMs anywhere in Spain free of charge.

Safety first

Safety first

Spain is taking great pains to combat credit card fraud. This is good for German vacationers who like to pay frequently with plastic. However, you may need to identify yourself with a photo ID when you pay by credit card or withdraw money in a bank. It is therefore advisable to carry an identity card, passport or driving license with you.

For security reasons, credit cards are sometimes limited to one sum for use abroad. You should therefore inquire about this before the trip and have the card activated in this case.

Important tips

  • You should memorize the credit card PIN. You have to specify the number more and more often at cash registers in shops.
  • Always have your card with you. Keep them in a safe place.
  • If you lose your credit card, block it immediately on the central number 0046 116 116. To do this, make a separate note of the bank code and account number before you travel.

Travel Fund Options

It’s best to bet on two ways to get cash in Spain. A good alternative to a credit card is the Girocard. It is accepted at all ATMs, and payment in most shops is also possible.

Even if experts advise you to keep your cash holdings low on vacation: in Spain you cannot avoid cash. Small shops and cafes do not accept credit cards for small amounts.


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